Saturday, September 09, 2006

Ready, Set, Ask...Or Answer.

Some time ago, I wrote a piece concerning a "happening" called Dropping Knowledge. Well, it looks like they're off an running and have started their online kaffe klatsche of asking and having questions answered. Here's a good opportunity for Individualists, Libertarians, Agorists and others with freedom leanings to participate in something where we might have a chance to influence the thinking of a large number of people. It is obvious that Dropping Knowledge will be influenced heavily by the European Socialist mindset and we have a unique opportunity to inject a Liberty germ into the mix. Perhaps even place The Liberty Meme where it can do the most good.

The more people like us who become involved in this the greater chance we have to plant the seeds that could lead to greater freedom on a global scale. Yeah, I know...that's expecting a miracle, but miracles do occur once in a blue moon and the more people who embrace Individualism, Liberty and the desire to be free, the better off we will be.

There are so many areas containing questions and answers at Dropping Knowledge that it may well be another Sisyphean task, but someone has to attempt it. Politics, Health, Religion, Future, Information, Peace and many more subjects cover their "Table of Free Voices". The scale of this project is huge, clicking on "Politics & Governance", for instance opens related trees and each of them may open even more. The opportunities are endless.

They do require a registration, but it is painless and there are no checks on the info, so anonymity seekers are covered.

So, here's a chance, folks. We know our ideas can work, just look at Estonia for proof. A few people can work wonders in the right situation and we are being presented with an opportunity to speak to someone other than the choir. Whether you're an Individualist, a Political Libertarian, a member of the Libertarian Left, an Anarchist or what have you here's an opportunity to do some good. With few keystrokes someone may just start a fire.

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